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        1. ZHEDA JINGYI

          Service hotline:400-809-1101

          Constantly strive for perfection. Perfect ourselves and benefit others.
          we take "China to create, create China" for the ideal,and committed to build a
          century national brand
          JINGYI people adhering to the "excellence, good himself, benefit people," the values and ideals, forge ahead, lean shape the image of a hundred years to build the national brand.
          • LVFUZAI Chairman of the Institute of Special Equipment Inspection with the Zhejiang Province, Pennsylvania State University, the United States signed a series of higher scientific and technological co...
          • Entry account on behalf of the company to contribute to the chairman Qin Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University

          ArcelorMitta SMS MEER
          Taiwan's Chung Hung Steel Steel shares
          Taiwan's Dragon Steel Baosteel Group
          Baotou Steel Group Tianjin Pipe Company
          Seric machine Shougang Group
          TISCO Taiyuan Heavy Industry
          Hubei Xinyegang Wuhan Iron and Steel Group
          Shandong Iron and Steel Hubei Steel
          Anshan Iron and Steel Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group
          Valin Group Nanjing Iron and Steel
          Tangshan Iron and Steel Group Maanshan Iron and Steel Group
          Jianlong Group Laiwu Steel Group
          Chongqing Iron & Steel Shengli Oilfield
          Daqing Oilfield Zhejiang CSEI
          Ministry of Transport and Road Research Institute Pennsylvania State University
          Technical University of Dortmund Anhui Tianda

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          Headquarters address:Room 401-405, 18#, Zhejiang Overseas High-Level Talents Innovation Park, No. 998, Wenyi West Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province P.R.C

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